»I don't really believe in magic, but this is the closest I've heard to real music from a recording. «


»You have to make a slight mental effort to be aware that the speakers are actually there! It’s uncanny. «

peter aczel

»I was lucky to be able to witness the development of both the Linkwitz LXmini & LX521 loudspeaker systems so my familiarity and education regarding their qualities was experienced in a slightly different way than most potential users traditionally experience. I watched (and heard) Siegfried tackle each step of a brilliant development process and was able to see the designs finally cross his aspirational finish line spectacularly. When the time came to actually use the systems in my personal studio, I jumped at the opportunity as I didn’t have any other speakers that could reveal as accurate a sound stage, do so with tonal & timbral neutrality, and seemingly bypass the room. As a result, both the LXmini and LX521 are used for the final production stage mix qualification of all San Francisco Symphony SACD download releases that I’ve produced during the last three years; they are an indispensable tool. «

Jack Vad, San Francisco Symphony, GRAMMY winning Producer & Engineer

»...the detail, clarity, and soundstage are all extraordinary. I don't really believe in magic, but this is the closest I've heard to real music from a recording. Thank you for all your help making this possible. «





»The overall result is a speaker that provides a neutral sound, clarity, speed and spatial openness. … After listening to a great variety of good, bad and so-so stereo recordings I am tempted to call it Magic521. The music comes through! «

Siegfried Linkwitz

»The sound is just amazing. I am delighted. With LXsub2 these are so different speakers. And it is not that there is more bass. Bass is just more swift but everything else is better, other frequencies, details, space, air… «


»I can assure you, though, that even if you have not heard LXmini or LX521 before making your decision, that you will beextremely delighted with their sound one you have built or acquired them, either one will give you a completely new experience of your music collection. You are in for a treat. With these speakers you move to a new paradigm for stereo sound reproduction. «

Siegfried Linkwitz